GCM Educational Management Software (GCMEMS) website and software are built and developed by highly qualified and experienced educational professionals. Our software’s are user friendly and customizes your day to day educational institutional needs. Our offerings are simplified solutions to manage the educational institution from end to end to complete the circle. GCM Educational Management Software (GCMEMS) has both online and offline software’s to make you all in at one place.

Mission of Statement:

Our uncompromised work on your customization is a unique and global in nature. We customizes as you need our customizations works perfectly works for you. Our object of customization to build what you need and what you want. We “Never sleep" until we delivers what you need.

Our Road Map:

  1. To create your “Values and Services are Unique”.
  2. To connect the “Student and School” and to complete the “Educational Circle”.
  3. To preserve your “Vision, Experiences and Role in Community Education ”.
  4. To built an earned “Relationship by Relationship”.
  5. To help you be “Successful”.


We understood “You needs”, we listen “Your requirements” and we work for “Your Institution”. Your object is our “Task”. Our commitment is to meet and fulfill all your “Visions and Dreams".


Our goal is always to offer “The Best” and “User Friendly” software’s and services to fulfill “Our Community Education” objects. We count every institution in the community is “Our Customer” and “We Serve Everyone”. Until we reach every customer in the globe, our job is not complete.

Experience with us:

  1. It happens so many times for every day, every time, every minute and for ever attempt client receives a “Great Experience” with GCM Educational Management Software (GCMEMS).
  2. Movement is movement, it may be one time or several times but each movement is has its own feeling and memorable. All “Comes” from “Your Heart”.
  3. We make every movement is memorable for “You”. Everything we do is “Built on Trust”. It doesn’t happen with one visit or one day or one quarter. It’s earned “Relationship by Relationship”.


We believe and follow society “Vision and Values” and understanding society “Educational Institutional Needs”. We are truly “Presenting” “The Needs of the Community” towards the “Community Growth” and “Will Continue Forever”.

Our Philosophy:

  1. Make the things “Happen”
  2. Treat every one “Equally and Respectfully”
  3. Your needs are our “Tasks”
  4. We listen and understands “You”
  5. We continue “Your Legacy”

Our Success:

Our “Culture and Success” reveals that we take your “Requirements” and we “Fulfill Your Requirements”. We “Listen, You” and we “Care, You”.


Our model is “Honest and Ethical”. Our offerings are “Unrivaled Transparency”.


GCM Educational Management Software (GCMEMS) is part / subsidiary of GCM Tech Solutions, a global leader for information and technology.


GCM Educational Management Software (GCMEMS) proudly dedicates our success to our “Community Educational Volunteers”.


Our custom built software “Makes Your Business” as “The Best Institution”.


If you are interested to know more above us such as software’s, services, offerings or have any specific questions or comments, please send an email at info@gcmems.com.