GCM Educational Management Software (GCMEMS) is user friendly software offering a simplified solution to manage the educational institution from end to end to complete the circle. We have both online and offline software’s to make you all in at one place. Our solutions are user friendly and we customize the software for your day to day needs. Our solution’s have a several modules such as a student management module, teacher management module, administration management module and parent management module.

Our silent features are teachers plan for online classes, seating charts, lesson plans, assignments, add-ons to automate attendance-taking by scanning, biometric authentications, student ID cards attendance, notifying parents about absences, student document storage, application registration, data export, tax software integration, email integrations, timetable generators, form builder, audits among others and more (there are more features).

Software's also tracks fees payments, academic assessments, attendance, health, behavior, grades, assignments, schedules, records, curriculum, discipline, reporting and more, while an online portal gives students and parents real-time access to information.

Our special tools such as "Bio-Metrics" RMS, SMS, online assignments and Government authentications are integrates with your institution. All our integrations give a new era in the educational system.

Subscribers can also work and access the information from smart phone devices as our database synchronizes periodically with all the devices to make available of updated data.

We integrates one tool with others including online assignments, which can be cloned to new era.

Our uncompromised work on your customization is a unique and global in nature. We customizes as you need our customizations works perfectly works for you. Our customizations are varying from geo-locations to geo-locations and user to users. Our object of customization to build what you need and what you want.

Our student login allows students to access communication, take tests, send and receive message between teachers and student can also view and track progress in real time.

Our Parents and students can login to check assignments and grades, review preferences, fund lunch accounts and more. Our bridge of parent and student facilitate teacher and district communications with parents.

Our teacher login allows take an attendance, conduct a test, prepare the test papers, and review the student performance, by day, weekly, monthly, and by subject etc.

Our administrative login provides admission management, alumni management, contact management, registrar's office management, student finance management, career services management features, staff management, store employee records, payroll, leave and attendance. Other modules include library, transportation, fee, admission and exam management.

Our dashboard solution’s can be customized for your needs which helps you provide an at-a-glance overview of the specific information to a user—such as attendance numbers, due dates, exam times, news, daily schedules, and income and expenses. Our special programs of alters, always reminds your task a head time to achieve your desired targets.

Our communication tools for parents, students and teachers include student and parent web portals, bulk email support, notifications, document sharing, event calendars, bulletin boards, lesson logs and teacher blogs.

We maintains industry-standards of security that maintains its own network of high-end data centers, including several fully redundant centers at different locations, so services can operate without any interruption or data loss. We practices the encrypted data transfer via secure socket layer (SSL) encryption technology.

Call us and speak with our “Specialist”. We are here to “Resolve Your Issues” and “We Promise You”, that we “Make Your Business as a Successful”.

Core Modules

  • Courses And Batches
  • Human Resources
  • Student Attendance
  • Timetable
  • Examination
  • Customisable Dashboards
  • Student Admission
  • News Management
  • User Management
  • Institute
  • Finance
  • Student Information
  • Student Login
  • Parent Login
  • Employee / Teacher Login
  • Messaging System
  • Report Center
  • Custom Student Remarks
  • SMS Integration
  • ID Card Generation
  • Certificate Generation

Pro Modules

  • Assignment
  • Hostel
  • Data Management
  • Transport
  • Inventory
  • Gallery
  • Discussion
  • Library
  • Placement

Pro Plus Modules

  • Applicant Registration
  • Custom Import
  • Data Export
  • Custom Report
  • Fee Import
  • Instant Fee
  • Online Exam
  • App Frame
  • API Access
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Account Integration
  • Automatic Timetable Generator